i just remembered im going uniform and book shopping tomorrow and im so exited


But Angie was the only family Joe had left

Please don’t touch me I am very emotional right now

Oh, Taylor


cool dog riding water buffalo

Anonymous asked:
it's impossible for your dad to be shitty if you've never met him, like me, HA

this message was actually 0-100 


Anonymous asked:
I feel so weird when people say how much they hate their dads on here me and mine get along amazingly and honestly he's the one person I can talk to and trust, I dont mean to sound braggy but i cant imagine not getting along with my dad

well yea your relationship just happens to be different lmao

i love my mom a lot and some ppl don’t particularly like their moms but it’s not weird to me it’s just different ppl and different situations ya know

Anonymous asked:
who's your lest favorite houseguest on big brother?

like i don’t think anyone understands that i hate all of the people in the house except for nicole


Shout out to my dad for making an effort to call me for the third time in 18 years, love to know you care

sittin on tumblr waitin for something juicy to happen


not a vine but lol

"This is exasperating"

Anonymous asked:
would you date a girl?

maybe….depends on how much she enjoys memes